Love is in the air this month, and what a perfect opportunity to start getting inspired for a future African safari. Whether you’re a couple of honeymooners looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, or a budding photographer looking to rekindle your passion for capturing majestic wildlife in the most idyllic safari setting, you’ll find 6 reasons to fall in love with this incredible continent below!

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From Africa with Love:

So You’re Going on a Photo Safari?

Source: Outdoor Photographer

If you hadn’t considered a photography safari before, then you will after reading this article. Words cannot describe the visceral feelings you have while capturing the teeming wildlife that inhabit the African bush. 

The only word of caution is that you may want to plan multiple trips ahead because these types of trips are addictive. From the magnificent lion prides to the vibrant flamingos, you’ll be itching to get your next snapping fix with that new Canon 90D camera. Don’t have a camera yet? This article shows you the BEST cameras for an African safari!


Where Was Around the World in 80 Days Filmed? 

Source: Umhambi

Are you going to be following the new series adaptation of the familiar favourite, ‘Around the world in 80 days’? If you are, then it might be interesting to you that the beautiful and varied landscapes of South Africa play a starring role in the new series starring British actor David Tennant. “You get a huge variety of landscapes and options”, explains director Steve Barron.

If you’re not able to catch hot glimpses of what your future trip to South Africa could look like for yourself on the BBC, the series is also available for streaming through the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in Canada.

Tantalizing Tanzania: On Safari in East Africa

Source: Arab News

From the remains of an ancient volcano to the vast plains of the Serengeti, Tanzania is brimming with wildlife and wonder for you to explore. 2022 is the year for you to chip away at that long bucket list you’ve been building the past two years and finally start planning your dream safari.

And with 22 reserves, national parks and protected areas in Tanzania, choosing exactly where to go will be your biggest challenge. A really lovely quote I want to share with you from this article is;

“A safari through Tanzania offers a temporary step back from the modern world and a chance to sit back and reflect on what we actually “need” to exist and enjoy life and on how important it is that we preserve such fragile ecosystems — not only in nature reserves but also in our own backyards.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

The Top ‘In Case You Missed it’ Articles:

Americans Have Become South Africa’s Biggest Overseas Tourists – Overtaking Brits And Germans

Source: Business Insider

Did you know South Africa welcomed more tourists from the United States in 2021 than anywhere else overseas. Pre 2020, European visitors accounted for 60% of tourists entering South Africa, compared to just 17% in the US and Canada. 

Although the past two years of uncertainty have been challenging for our travel sector, and frustrating for your travel planning – where possible, US safari seekers have been flocking to experience the magic of South Africa for themselves. 

Wherever you’re based, I’m just an email away from any questions you have regarding travel restrictions. 

SkyScanner also has their nifty web page that you can customize to fit your location.


Community Project Helps Kenya Aim For Climate Goals One Mangrove Tree at a Time 

Source: Monga Bay

Three special communities along Kenya’s southeastern coast are determined to restore 460 hectares (1,137 acres) of the Vanga mangrove forest to meet the country’s emission reduction targets, provide a buffer against natural disasters, and support fishing livelihoods.

Vanga mangrove is a huge deal in these parts, since approximately 87% of the Kwale county’s households use mangrove wood as fuelwood and building material. The overharvesting of these trees over the past 20 years have had a detrimental impact on the forests ability to act as a first line of defence against ocean related catastrophes.

Would you be interested in getting involved in any community led projects when planning your dream safari?


Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Source: East Africa Wild Blog

A while ago I wrote this article, but in the spirit of this romantic month it stands the test of time, as the ultimate guide to your next couples safari getaway. Home to breathtaking landscapes, modern cities, and vibrant culture, East Africa offers some of the best destinations for couples seeking excitement, adventure and relaxation.

The power of Murchison Falls in Uganda will take yours, and your partner’s breath away, while Botswana’s prized Okavango Delta will leave you speechless. Your pictures just won’t do the experience for you both justice! 

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