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Africa is one of the world’s most mesmerizing destinations. There are so many  adventures to find on this amazing continent, home to more than 50 different countries, that it's hard to narrow them down for a best African Destinations list, but we have tried here.

Whether you are looking to explore vibrant cities like Cape Town, Etosha, and Nairobi or hoping to see the continent’s wildlife on a safari in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe or Botswana, there is no shortage of things to experience for travellers of all types.

Wherever you decide to go in Africa, you’ll leave with a new rise for the magic of this culturally rich, vibrantly colored, and welcoming continent that will have you wanting to return over and over. Plan your adventures with our African Safari Destinations list to find the best places to  go on safari in Africa.

It is no secret that Africa has the largest population of wildlife in the world. Due to its massive forests and savanna land, the animals roam freely in their natural habitats. The vast continent is a magnet for the most adventurous of souls. First time on Safari? Let’s start designing you safari.  Create your African Safari by talking to one of our safari specialists and letting us create the perfect fit. 

The experts at East Africa Wild believe no two getaways should be the same and the diversity of a safari offers something for everyone. Our team takes the time to get to know you personally so we can help create your perfect African Safari from Vancouver or beyond.

We loved the rainforest - so remote and isolated with lots of animals and birds. And the scenery in the cloud forest was mind-blowing - even in the mist, which added to the atmosphere.

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All About Kenya

Kenya is a country in East Africa that borders Tanzania to the South, Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the North West, Ethiopia to the North and Somalia to the North East. The country is made up of a population of roughly 48 million people and stretches 580,400 sq. km in size.

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Sometimes it’s easier to find the right holiday by choosing the type of trip you’re looking for, rather than going for a destination first. Perhaps an amazing family holiday or a short break is right for you, maybe you want a group trip or an idea for a luxury honeymoon?

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Walking Safari In Tanzania

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From bush to beach, our ever-exclusive African travel offers nothing other than total relaxation in the beauty of Africa. These are the moments that are curated to sublimity, with you in the centre of everything that entails a luxury safari.

The Time is now, we are ready.. To take you on an African journey of a lifetime. Let our team of experts help you plan & organise your dream Luxury African safari.