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Wow! We recently returned home from a 3 week trip to Kenya and Tanzania organized by Alym for me, my husband and one other couple. It was beyond amazing!!! Alym and his crew took care of us every single step of the way! Our 3 weeks went by without a single glitch and we were well taken care of by our guides (Peter, Banard and Usiah) and our concierge (Sylvia). Our accommodations exceeded our expectations and our experiences were actually so amazing that it is hard to put into words. The animal viewing, the people, the scenery, - I am still processing it! I highly recommend this company and thank you Alym for a trip of a lifetime!
Sandra Payne

South Africa is the southernmost country on the continent of Africa and borders the countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland, its land also surrounds the small country of Lesotho. With just under 56 million inhabitants, South Africa is the largest country in Africa, it extends 1,219,912 sq. km. There are several highly attractive South Africa Destinations that pulls a large number of visitor crowd each year.

 The country has three different capitals: Pretoria as the administrative capital, Bloemfontein as the judiciary capital and Cape Town as its legislative capital. South Africa is one of the most diversely populated and multicultural countries in the world, with nine officially recognized national languages, it is often referred to as the “rainbow nation” because of this incredible diversity. Of the country’s population of ethnic groups, Zulu and Xhosa groups make up 40%, although there are many more tribal cultures and spoken languages. South Africa is rich in culture and tradition, particularly in rural communities spanning across the country as song, dance and various forms of artwork are practiced and shared, passed down through generations to express stories and histories of traditional culture. 

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South Africa has had a long and tumultuous political history and was previously under control by a white minority political group that enforced laws of racial division and isolation, this was known as “apartheid”. It wasn’t until 1994 that these prejudiced laws were thrown away, l. Mining is a major industry in South Africa, as the country is the world’s largest producer of gold which significantly contributes to the state of South Africa’s economy which is the strongest and most well-developed in all of Africa. Geographically speaking, the country is known for its biodiversity across a variety of environments and contains over 20 beautiful national parks to be visited, with Kruger National Park being the most recognized and notable and Cape Town’s Table Mountain coming in a close second.

From rare and risky wildlife to beautiful and raw natural landscapes, South Africa has everything that you would want to experience on a relaxing and thrilling holiday. You must be to see all these Places To Visit In South Africa. From highly urbanized cities to blissful coastal towns, South Africa Destinations has got everything that a tourist can wish for! 

So, plan a Trip To South Africa and visit all these beautiful places to earn an experience of a lifetime!

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