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East Africa Wild Adventures is incredible to work with. There is a quick response time, communication is excellent and attention to detail is impressive. We had a wonderful time on our safari and all the experiences exceeded expectations. Alym is easy to work with and very good at individualizing needs. I have some health issues and he was able to work with the lodges to make sure my needs were met. We were booked into incredible lodges and the service was excellent. Everyone from East Africa Wild Adventures to the lodge cleaners offered exceptional service and showed flexibility to meet our needs and make our experience memorable. I highly recommend East Africa Wild Adventures for planning any experience in Africa. The company has a vast network and excellent knowledge of the areas and lodges they arrange for your holiday.
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Uganda is an African country that spans 241,038 sq. km, bordering Kenya, South Sudan, the Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. The country has a population of roughly 35.6 million people and is rich in culture with a variety of ethnic groups, English and Swahili being the two official languages spoken. Since 1894 Uganda had been under British rule, leading up to 1962 when the country finally gained independence. Take a look at our  top Uganda Destinations.

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In comparison to Uganda’s neighbouring countries Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is relatively untouched and often overlooked as a safari destination.  Lake Victoria, being the largest freshwater lake in Africa, takes up a large portion of the country, along with four other large lakes and eight major rivers. Uganda contains 10 national parks and there are 60 protected areas within the country, its landscape varying from grassland to semi-desert, swampland and forested area. Giraffe, elephant, lion, monkeys, rhino and buffalo are some of the many animals found in Uganda along with a large number of other primates including the endangered Eastern Mountain Gorilla. The Eastern Mountain Gorilla can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a park that has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a frequently visited tourist destination. The beautiful, untouched scenery, unique wildlife and rich culture make Uganda a prime destination for game viewing as the country  continues to make a name for itself and become a desitination that has more to offer than just Gorilla Trekking..

 Our Uganda Safari Packages ideas for visiting Uganda are great as, these Uganda Safari Destinations  prove  very popular with our travellers. How you choose to include them in your trip can be tailored into a route that best suits your preferences.

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