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1404, 2022

They’re one of my favorite animals to spot on safari, and it just so happens this month has been a huge month for rhino news in Africa. I hope you’ll find the below articles inspiring, and enlightening on some of the positive efforts being made in Africa to save this wonderful species from extinction.   What animal would you love to see most on safari? ― From Africa with Love: Cape Town Tourism Utilizes Gamification [...]

3005, 2022

The heat of summer is fast approaching, and travel is ramping up in East Africa. Still on the fence about planning your once in a lifetime safari vacation? No worries!I have you covered with these 6 articles that will show you exactly why now is the time to start brainstorming, and making a solid safari plan. ― From Africa with Love: How Spotted Hyenas Adapt to Climate Change in Famed Tanzanian Park Source: MongaBay In [...]

1703, 2022

So much has been happening across Africa this month, I don’t know where to begin… From South Africa’s open invitation for you to #LiveAgain, to auto-pilot flying taxis in Kenya, and two adorable and majestic Cheetahs being released into the wild again, you’ll be left inspired to start planning your dream trip to Africa sooner, rather than later. So, let’s not waste another moment… ― From Africa with Love: South Africa invites the world to [...]

102, 2022

Love is in the air this month, and what a perfect opportunity to start getting inspired for a future African safari. Whether you’re a couple of honeymooners looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, or a budding photographer looking to rekindle your passion for capturing majestic wildlife in the most idyllic safari setting, you’ll find 6 reasons to fall in love with this incredible continent below! Let’s get started… ― From Africa with Love: So You’re [...]

101, 2022

It’s a new year and a new chance to fall in love with all that Africa has to offer. Traveling to this astounding continent shouldn’t feel like another cookie-cutter mould safari trip. That’s why from the eerie desert ghost town of Namibia to seeking out hidden gems in Kenya, and updated Covid-19 travel advice, these articles will inspire you to start planning a dream safari trip like no other. Let’s get started… ― From Africa [...]

112, 2021

Firstly, I hope you’re about to settle into some much needed vacation time and rest this season as we close on yet another fast moving year. From uncovering the last remaining people who can speak to birds, to the most sustainable destinations in the continent, and which country will be reducing their visa fees by 50% in 2022, you’ll be sure to feel inspired to start planning your dream safari trip soon enough. Let’s get [...]

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