South Africa Invites You to Come “Live Again”

South Africa Invites You to Come “Live Again”

So much has been happening across Africa this month, I don’t know where to begin… From South Africa’s open invitation for you to #LiveAgain, to auto-pilot flying taxis in Kenya, and two adorable and majestic Cheetahs being released into the wild again, you’ll be left inspired to start planning your dream trip to Africa sooner, rather than later.

So, let’s not waste another moment…

From Africa with Love:

South Africa invites the world to come “Live Again”


As the world opens up again, and travelers such as yourself reignite that passion for exploring – South Africa extends the long awaited open invitation to all who dare to dream of breath-taking beauty, sun-soaked coasts, and incredible wildlife experiences.

I for one, can’t wait to welcome you, should you choose South Africa for your next safari trip! 

“Come as you were, come as you are and leave as you’ll never be again. #VisitSouthAfrica and #LiveAgain


Kilimanjaro Trail Run Promoting Sustainable Tourism on Africa’s Tallest Mountain


This September, the Kilimanjaro Trail Run (KTR) will be offering four high-altitude races over two days on Africa’s tallest mountain. The event kicks off September the 3rd with a 21km trail half marathon. On the 4th, racers can pick from a full 42 km trail marathon, or push their limits with 67 km and 74 km ultra events.

According to the event organizers…

“Mount Kilimanjaro is a beacon directing our attention toward climate change, deforestation, and the need for clean energy and clean water. The Kilimanjaro Trail Run will champion these global issues and demonstrate how runners can appropriately shoulder the responsibility of caring for each other and the planet we share.”

The event welcomes all running enthusiasts and as an added bonus…

”There is a race for everyone in your running group and a seat in the Land Cruiser for your post-race wildlife safari in the Serengeti.”


Date Set For Kenya’s Flying Taxis

Source: Getaway

Having grown up in Nairobi, I of all people know how hectic the traffic can get sometimes. As much as I love the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city, I welcome the news that soon you’ll be able to escape the notorious traffic of Nairobi by taking a flip in an eVTOL – or electric vertical take off and landing aircraft.

Kenya Airways subsidiary Fahari is planning to launch its eVTOL aircraft at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, allowing travelers the option to skip the traffic with a scenic flight from the airport. This electric aircraft is capable of carrying a load of 250kg at 400km/h with a range of 250km per flight. The aircraft is also completely autonomous, requiring no pilot on board.

Would you take this option?

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A Race Against Time, For the Endangered Cheetah

Source: ATTA

The current global population of Cheetah’s is estimated to be around 7,000, with the majority of ‘free roaming’ cheetahs residing in Namibia. These numbers are sadly declining and have been for a while, due to a multitude of causes; such as prey availability, poachers and habitat fragmentation.

For the magnificent feline, crowned with the ‘world’s fastest land mammal’ status, it’s ironic the cheetah is racing against time.

However, there is hope.

Etosha Heights is not only one of the largest private reserves in Namibia, but its wildlife management and recent conservation endeavors have created an environment that makes it an ideal location for cheetah conservation.

On 16th February, The Natural Selection Foundation supported the release of two beautiful male cheetahs!

For a guaranteed heart warmer today, check out the amazing video to watch their release here.


Uganda Scraps Mandatory COVID Tests for All Travelers

Source: Voyages Afriq

If you’re planning on traveling to Uganda soon, then you’ll no longer need to undergo a mandatory COVID test at the country’s point of entry. This is due to declining cases in Uganda, a positive sign. One I’m also seeing in a lot of African countries that we serve now.

When you do decide to start planning your dream safari trip to Africa, I can assure you, we follow all the correct safety procedures to ensure your safety while traveling. If you have any questions relating to travel restrictions, and safety precautions in Africa, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I want you to be 100% confident and most of all EXCITED when visiting this extraordinary continent!


How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used to Stop Poaching in Africa


Technology has come a long way over the years in fighting the atrocity that is poaching. Scientists have finally developed AI systems that are being used to reduce poaching across the whole of Africa.

According to a recent report published by, AI has been recognised as one of the top three rising technologies being used in conservation. 

“AI can learn how to identify which photos out of thousands contain rare species, or pinpoint an animal call out of hours of field recordings – hugely reducing the manual labor required to collect vital conservation data.”

A question for you:

Imagine for a moment, you’ve booked your dream safari trip…

What animal do you want to see most in the African bush?

If you’re eager to make your dream safari trip a reality, then let’s get chatting and make those long-awaited dreams happen in 2022!