Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve


Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is a nature reserve protecting and conserving multiple natural wonders and the surrounding areas in the province of Mpumalanga. The reserve was established in 1965 and consists of various features including the significant Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window, The Three Rondavels, and Bourke’s Luck Potholes. The environment and vegetation present amongst the landscape reflect the variations of altitude present at the specific location of their growth.

The Blyde River Canyon, notably the most striking feature of the reserve and the spectacle of which it was named is the third largest canyon in the world, and second in Africa coming after Fish River Canyon. Though the canyon is composed mainly of red sandstone, Blyde River Canyon sets itself aside from other canyons of its size as the visible growth of green vegetation appears on its terrain. Many animals can be spotted living within Blyde River Canyon Reserve, including zebra, impala, baboon and other species of primates. The Three Rondavels appear as stand-out attractions as they are uniquely shaped mountain peaks exhibiting subtle, cone-like tops. Their name is derived from traditional African homesteads, known as “rondavels” that present a likeness to the mountain shapes.

The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve consists of multiple scenic viewpoints including Gods Window which provides a beautifully immersive and stunning view from an on-look of the 700-meter drop below and stretching landscape. Visitors can also visit Bourke’s Potholes, unique formations carved from the erosion of rock due to the flow of the Treur River. Visitors can experience views from multiple on-looks, connected by bridges.

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One of the few areas of montane grassland in Mpumalanga that still exists.

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There are too many things to explore in Africa but what are the special things make Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve unique? Let’s find out….

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Highlights: Beautiful panoramic views and scenic waterfalls
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