Chizarira National Park


Chizarira National Park is located in Northern Zimbabwe and is measured 2,000 sq. km. In 1938 the parks land was designated as a non-hunting reserve, it later became a game reserve in 1963 and was then established as a national park in 1975. The park consists of an extremely rugged and wild terrain, with most of the vegetation within the park being made up of wild bush.

Chizarira is one of the wildest national parks, if not the wildest in all of Zimbabwe and is visited very infrequently by travelers. Although the wildlife population has decreased over the years, many large mammals can still be found within the park including cheetah, wild dog, elephants, lion, buffalo, hyena, hippo, and crocodile. The park is ideal for scenic walks as the park is an un-touched spectacle of true remoteness, 4×4 game drives are also appropriate as the terrain of the park’s landscape is harsh and rugged.

Best Time to Visit Chizarira National Park

From the middle to the end of the Dry season (July to October) is the best time to spot animals at Chizariria’s waterholes and rivers. Sunny, clear skies and an absence of mosquitoes are other advantages of visiting at this time of year. The greenery does flourish when the rains come, but this tends to be outweighed by unreliable roads.

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Special Things About Chizarira National Park

There are too many things to explore in Africa but what are the special things that make Chizarira National Park unique? Let’s find out….

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Why Visit Chizarira National Park?

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Chizarira National Park Wildlife

Elephant and buffalo are regularly seen. There are good populations of antelope including klipspringer, impala and greater kudu. Roan and tsessebe, rarely seen in other parks, are also present. Lion, leopard and spotted hyena are the main predators and Nile crocodile can be found lying on the shoreline.

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