Golden Gate Highlands National Park


Golden Gate Highlands National Park is a national park in South Africa that was first established in 1963, and has continued to expand over the years in area in efforts to protect the landscape. The park was named after the effect that the sunlight has when it hits the sandstone formations in the park, creating a beautiful golden hue of light.

The park, although not abundant in large mammal species, inhabits many smaller animals including mongoose, lizards, mice and snakes. The park contains many wild flowers, each of which blooms at a specific time of year and is the reason many visitors are drawn to the park. The sandstone formations within the park protrude as cliffs on either side of the valley of the golden dam, thus also contributing to the name “Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

Along with its sheer, natural beauty, the park is known for its archaeological significance as many ruins have been found within the park as well as dinosaur remains such as the oldest dinosaur embryos ever discovered that were extracted from the park.

Accommodation: Rest camp, rondavels, hotel, guest cottages

Activities: Nature trails, swimming and horse riding

Highlights: Bushmen Paintings and rare flora, as well as the threatened Oribi.

well known for its scenic beauty as well as its wildlife and birds

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Special Things About Golden Gate Highlands National Park

There are too many things to explore in Africa but what are the special things make Golden Gate Highlands National Park unique? Let’s find out….

Golden Gate Highlands National Park Wildlife

Best Time to Visit Golden Gate Highlands National Park

You can see animals year-round, though they’re not very prolific or diverse. The park is all about the landscape, which is particularly attractive in the Wet season (October to April), but be prepared for some rain. There are many small trails, which can be explored at any time, but serious hikers might prefer conditions during the cooler, dry winter months (May to September).
Golden Gate Highlands National Park is defined by its complex topography of sheer cliffs, plunging valleys, and hidden caves. So why you are waiting for, we are here to add Golden Gate Highlands National Park on your South Africa Tours!

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