Serengeti National Park


Serengeti National Park with its far-reaching plains, open grasslands and expansive blue skies is arguably the most famous park in Tanzania and possibly all of Africa in its entirety. The Serengeti’s colossal plains stretch on for 14,763 sq. km, continuing into the Masai Mara Reserve, thus the Masai people originally deemed it a word which translates to “endless plain”.

Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s oldest national park and is known for its massive wildebeest migration, the largest migration of animals in the world that happens annually with over two million wildebeest migrating each year. Along with wildebeest, the park is also home to herds of 40 other large mammal species, including zebras, Cheetahs, and lions as well as a bird population of roughly 500 species.

The Serengeti National Park is most commonly noted for its expansive and sprawling open plains, although its landscape and ecology is quite diverse as the park is comprised of swamps, woodland area, as well as grasslands. In the Western corridor, water mammals such as hippopotamus and Nile crocodiles can be found. The dense abundance of wildlife within the park allows visitors to witness an array of animal species interacting in their natural habitat and is one of the most famous safari destinations for game viewing on earth.

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One Of The Oldest And The Best-Known Wildlife Sanctuary In Africa

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Special Things About Serengeti National Park

There are too many things to explore in Africa but what are the special things make Serengeti National Par unique? Let’s find out….

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Serengeti National Park Highlights

Serengeti National Park is nature. At its wildest. However, besides the Great Migration there is much more for you to explore and experience.
The Serengeti is the place for a picture perfect safari, a destination that fulfills your wildest dreams, time and time again. Why not explore some of the more remote corners of this vast national park? Or meet your hosts, the Maasai? Of course you can also take to the skies, and see the plains from above when when floating through the air on a Hot Air Balloon Safari.

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Planning a Tanzania safari? Here are the best Serengeti National Par lodges, hotels and camps in one of the top places for year-round game viewing.

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