• Melissa and Anthony Tavolieri-Essex

    19 Nov 202
    TITLE: Most attention to detail and customer service ever experience

    I don’t know where to even start. Africa has long been part of my bucket list for years now. I started researching and planning approx. 2 years prior to taking the trip. I was looking for a luxury safari experience but on a middle class salary lol. Let me say that there were some companies that turned me away due to my budget and what i was looking for in experience.

  • Giselle and Alan

    18 Nov 2021
    TITLE: East Africa Wild is the most organized, caring, knowledgeable and personable tour operator ever!!!!!

    We travelled during Covid which was a concern for us. Alym and his people on the ground in Nairobi were so knowledgeable about all the hoops we had to jump through to travel, they made it almost seamless. Alym put together a trip for us at our price point that we asked for and it was outstanding.

  • Tyler from Vancouver

    17 Oct 2021
    TITLE: A true, personalized, and attentive experience

    My wife and I booked our honeymoon in Tanzania through East Africa Wild, amidst the pandemic and craziness happening in the world, and could not have been more satisfied. Alym and his partners took very good care of us. They were always available to answer questions and help us feel comfortable, before an

  • LRA

    4 Mar 2020
    TITLE: Expectations exceeded

    My wife and I have been on a number of safaris in Kenya and Tanzania and wanted our families to share in the adventure and joy of this experience. With a party of 8, we soon agreed that we needed outside assistance to bring expertise and a sense of order to our plans for a family safari.

  • Ellen Amrhein

    30 Jan 2020
    TITLE: The only way to go

    East Africa Wild Adventures is incredible to work with. There is quick response time, communication is excellent and attention to detail is impressive. We had a wonderful time on our safari and all the experiences exceeded expectations. Alym is easy to work with and very good at individualizing needs.

  • Andrey Prudnikov

    15 Nov 2019
    TITLE: Alym organised a perfect private safari for me

    I've contacted Alym from East Africa Wild Adventures with request for private custom made safari just 1 week in advance. He's organized everything in just 3 days and the result satisfied of all of my demands. The safari itself was well organised, all activities were on time, my driver/guide Makau is perfect and I could recommend him to everyone. We did a lot of driving and visited lots of places i n just 6 days per my request.

  • Sandra

    2 Nov 2019
    TITLE: Great experience with Alym and East Africa Wild

    Planning and booking our safari with Alym and East Africa Wild was easy, fun and straightforward. Alym always made himself available to discuss all aspects of the trip. Not only did he clearly answer all questions I had, but he was forthright in explaining why certain itineraries or properties might not have worked for us given the season, length of stay, etc. It was information that you can't easily find by doing a search yourself or by booking a set itinerary often offered by tour operators. It helps enormously to work with someone who is familiar with the area and the different properties.

  • heodore and Brenda

    30 Oct 2019
    TITLE: Excellent service and knowledge

    Alym was an excellent person to book a vacation with. Somebody that has actually been there and done that! Highly recommendable

  • Alan W

    16 Oct 2019
    TITLE: Incredible service and attentiveness

    We found our ideal tour operator for our once-in-a-lifetime tour. We researched many tour operators for our Tanzanian safari, some provided by friends and others through internet searches. Many were vague about services, only highlighted the "properties" where we could stay, or wanted money upfront before any hint was given of their capabilities.

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