The heat of summer is fast approaching, and travel is ramping up in East Africa. Still on the fence about planning your once in a lifetime safari vacation?

No worries!
I have you covered with these 6 articles that will show you exactly why now is the time to start brainstorming, and making a solid safari plan.

From Africa with Love:

How Spotted Hyenas Adapt to Climate Change in Famed Tanzanian Park

Source: MongaBay

In the depths of Tanzania’s famous Serengeti park, the mischievous spotted hyenas appear to be adapting to climate change. Researchers initially expected heavier rainfall in the region to cause carnivores to spend more time hunting prey than tending to their cubs.

This is because the increase in rainfall pushes herd migration, meaning the Hyena’s prey isn’t where it should be. This makes food more sparse for the species.However, the Hyenas of Tanzania have ‘laughed’ that theory off to researchers’ delight. “Spotted hyenas have always used social learning to find food”, said Morgane Gicquel, lead author of the study published in the journal Ecosphere.

A New Dawn for Tanzania Tourism Through Premier Documentary

Source: EturboNews

The premier Royal Tour documentary marks a re-awakening for travel to Tanzania, and East Africa. I’m personally very optimistic about the direction of tourism in East Africa as we approach the heat of summer.


Because over 30 tourism agents from the US, France, Bulgaria, and other European countries have indicated their intents to visit Tanzania, then explore tourist attractions. A great sign that you have nothing to fear in planning your dream safari this year.

The Kruger is Getting a R370 Million Upgrade – Rebuilding a Burnt Shop, Petrol Station, and More

Source: Business Insider

If you’re planning on visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa later in the year, you’ll be seeing some amazing changes! Over the next three years, R370 million will be invested into the park’s facilities, such as rebuilding the Letaba shop, which was engulfed in flames back in 2020. They’re also going to be investing into upgrading many of the roads and gates around the Kruger National Park. The work is expected to start as early as June 2022, so hopefully by the time you visit, you’ll reap the benefits of this revamping.

The Top ‘In Case You Missed it’ Articles:

Delta Doubles its JNB Flights!

Source: Travel News

Amazing news for US travelers in particular! Delta Air Lines has announced that it will take its Johannesburg frequency from three to six flights a week, with effect from May 25. “We are seeing significant demand for travel between South Africa and the US from both points of sale, US leisure travel being particularly dominant.

“Delta is seeking authority from the Department of Transportation to operate nonstop Atlanta-Cape Town flights. We’re also looking forward to the start of our triangular ATL-JNB-CPT-ATL route and will have more details to share later this year,” said the spokesperson.

Are you a US resident wanting to plan your dream safari vacation? Now is the time!

Cape Town See’s Promising Uptake in Tourists

Source: Getaway

Did you know Cape Town International airport has seen a recovery rate of 76% in international travelers, just like you?

What’s stopping you from planning your dream safari vacation?

Let me know here, and I’ll assist in whatever way I can.

After all, I want you to be 100% confident when visiting any part of this incredible continent.

Did You Know That  Adventure Tourism is One of the Fastest Growing Experiences in Kenya?

Source: All Africa

That’s right! If you’re an adventurous traveler or even an adrenaline junky, Kenya could be the place for you.

Think glorious hikes, and mountaineering experiences, there’s just so much diversity in the amount of activities you can do aside from safari in Kenya, (although that is of course the most breathtaking experience to be had). Speaking after a hiking expedition at Mt. Longonot, the Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala,  noted that adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing experiences in the world today with travelers looking for life-changing experiences that suit them.

“Mountaineering and hiking have the potential to improve our tourism numbers because today’s traveler is looking for immersive and engaging opportunities,” said Balala.

Are you one of these travelers?

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