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From uncovering the last remaining people who can speak to birds, to the most sustainable destinations in the continent, and which country will be reducing their visa fees by 50% in 2022, you’ll be sure to feel inspired to start planning your dream safari trip soon enough.

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From Africa with Love:

Meet the Last of the Tanzanian People Who Can Speak to Birds

Source: Telegraph

To me, there is nothing more blissful than waking up to the chimes of bird song in the African bush. Described by renowned anthropologist Richard Wrangham as “the most developed, co-evolved, mutually helpful relationship between any mammal and any bird”.

This well researched article explores the community of Tanzanians within the Hazda tribe who still practise their ancestral tradition of communicating with the birds of the bush to source wild honeycomb.

This is the only animal we would never kill for food – she is our friend” – Hazda member.

Rwanda: Akagera National Park welcomes 30 White Rhinos in Largest-Ever Single Translocation

Source: Umhambi

The mighty white rhino is a magnificent creature to behold up close, have you ever seen one? In the largest single rhino translocation ever to be undertaken, 30 white rhinos were successfully introduced to Akagera National Park in Rwanda last month.

The aim of the translocation was to support population growth, by broadening the species range and creating a secure new breeding stronghold in Rwanda. Each rhino will be monitored through fitted transmitters by dedicated tracking teams to help protect the area. 

A canine anti-poaching unit and helicopter surveillance team are on-hand to provide further assistance and support should they need it.


Kenya’s Indigenous Ogiek Partner With Government Rangers to Restore Mau Forest

Source: Mongabay

For more than a century the 50,000 strong, Ogiek indigineous people have faced displacement from their ancestral lands in the Mau Forest, that they so much rely on. However, since a few years ago, community members have been volunteering hand in hand with the Kenyan Forest Service to restore health to the forest and promote conservation in a bid to fight against deforestation.

Due to the Ogiek’s incredible knowledge on the terrain of Mau Forest, they’ve been instrumental in identifying illegal logging routes and fires – resulting in a steady decline since 2017. As of this month community volunteers have planted more than 60,000 native trees including rare species such as the African Cherry tree.

“The forest was and is our home and life,” says Lina Kipkogey, an elder from the community.

Would you be interested in adding a community focused activity to your itinerary?

The Top ‘In Case You Missed it’ Articles:

South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia Will Co-Host the 2027 Men’s Cricket World Cup

Source: BBC

Are you a cricket lover? If you are, then perhaps you can tick off the world cup when planning your dream safari trip, (Although I hope you visit much sooner!). The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that the 2027 men’s Cricket World Cup will be hosted in Africa, across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

“On our part, we are ready to ensure the ICC men’s Cricket World Cup 2027 stands out as a unique event that celebrates Africa in all its magnificent splendour, richness, vibrancy, diversity and glory” – Tavengwa Mukuhlani, Zimbabwe Cricket chairman.


Mozambique Reiterates Commitment to Renewables

Source: Further Africa

If you’re looking for sustainable destinations to visit on your 2022 bucket list next year, look no further than African countries such as Mozambique.

With additional support from the EU and Germany, GET.invest has been operating a country window in Mozambique since 2019, allowing it to focus specifically on the Mozambican energy sector, as part of PROMOVE Energia – a comprehensive strategy to support access to sustainable and affordable energy in rural areas”.

Mozambique aims to deliver sustainable energy to all it’s citizens by 2030.


Zambia Reduces Visa Fees for 2022

Source: Travel News

Next year looks to be the perfect time for you to visit Zambia, as the government recently announced a 50% slashing of the visa price for tourists from 1st November.

Depending on the nationality of the applicant, Zambian visas can be obtained on arrival at the port of entry, at Zambian diplomatic missions abroad or online via eVisas, prior to travel.

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