Marakele National Park


Marakele National Park is a national park located in the province of Limpopo in South Africa. The park was initially established in 1994 as “Kransberg National Park”, but was renamed to Marakele soon after. In 1999 the park was expanded upon to the size that it is today, 670 sq. km. As the park is situated between two different climate types, both humid and dry temperatures, the animals that exist within the park are those that have adapted to both. Each of the big 5 game animals can be spotted within the park, along with a large population of over 250 bird species.

The park is known for the Cape Vultures that inhabit it as well as various eagle species that can be spotted. The park’s landscape consists of rolling hills and larger mountains, with small forested areas and streams running through the land, along with the Matlabas River running through the park. Along with game drives through the park, bird watching, 4×4 drives and bush walks are popular activities within Marakele National Park.

Accommodation: Rest camps, safari lodge with luxury tented suites

Activities: Bird watching, game drives, 4x4 eco trail, bush walks

Highlights: See the world's largest Cape Vulture colony

Home To A Diverse Range Of South African Wildlife And Plant Species.

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Marakele National Park Wildlife

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Best Time to Visit Marakele National Park

Despite the dusty haze that develops in the parched depths of the Dry season (May to September), this is still the best time to spot Marakele’s wildlife. The animals are easily found as they stay close to rivers and waterholes. And when they do duck into the bush, there’s not much ground cover to hide them. That said, birders will want to visit in the wetter months when migrating birds pass through.
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